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I had a Band, we played the New Union - pre-Club 3 Degrees era. Just me in the studio ... I did Volunteer Teaching in Ghana Africa 2 summers, this opened my eyes and made me smile as they played my music on their radio stations, I would hear the childern singing my songs, it was a delight..

My music is not religious...that being said If you think "Lean on Me" or "Bridge Over Troubled Water" are spiritual then give the Tunes a chance.There are  Bible verses in some of songs, but as part of a relationship not religion.

Subtlety and knowing the right place and  time for Ministry describes my art and my Faith, it shows in my Lyrics without using alot of Cliches..

When the Band called Twinfinity performed in the late '90s...

The members were as follows...

Mike Heilman- Vocals/Guitar,Songwriter

Grant Penning-Bass

Steve Pumala-Drums &/or Guitar

Nancy Larson-Keys Vocals

also on again off again Ward Yunker-Drums

Jim Baker -Drums,

Jeff Berletic-Guitar